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clearss.gif (817 bytes) clearss.gif (817 bytes) We provide full-service expertise including:
  • Property management for single, multifamily, small commercial complexes
  • Property maintenance
  • Investment sales and analysis assistance
  • Resident locating services

Committed to Personalized, Professional Management

Good property management means more than simple supervisory activities of collecting rents, enforcing leases, and maintaining property. It also involves a commitment to innovative and resourceful approaches designed to achieve the owner's investment objectives for each piece of property. Folkerson Property Management Ltd. goes beyond ordinary standards to make the vital difference in property management services. Through comprehensive hands-on management of property, our personalized and professional approach ensures maximum investment profitability.

The Key is Quality Residents

At Folkerson Property Management Ltd., managing and motivating the resident is the key source of investment profitability and performance. We know that it is people who occupy properties, not computer projections, materials, and equipment. So our quality control begins with prospective residents.

find.gif (8766 bytes)Our meticulous selection process is only the beginning. Folkerson Property Management Ltd. takes the time to continually monitor and motivate quality residents and to keep owners up-to-date.

Our exclusive "people management" system is based on one of the most innovative and comprehensive rental contracts in Texas. Individually designed by our attorneys, it is the controlling factor in maximizing overall investment profitability. And its effectiveness has been proven time and time again.

Keeping in Touch with your Investments

Folkerson Property Management Ltd. provides complete services, with additional arrangements available to suit your individual needs. Some of the duties we perform for you include:

  • "Hands-on" management service, minimizing worries and maximizing income
  • Preparing vacancies for showing and occupancy
  • Advertising property
  • Personal showings for all prospects
  • Providing market analysis for rental rates
  • Thorough screening of prospective residents
  • Establishing and enforcing rental policies, based on comprehensive rental contract.
  • Collection of rents and deposits
  • Administration of rental renewals, renegotiations, terminations
  • Check-ins and check-outs of all residents
  • Ensuring proper property maintenance
  • Hiring and continual review of contractors an employees
  • Timely payment of expenses
  • Meticulous record-keeping and reporting
  • Computerized monthly end of year reports
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Strict observance of all housing laws

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